Characteristics and Implementation of Windows Azure Hong Kong

Azure is the Microsoft is cloud program platform. As of late in 2012, Azure came up with the following attributes:

  • The Virtual machines permit the programmers to travel from the infrastructure without changing the code, and thus can run the Linux machines and the Windows Server. Cloud solutions also support the automated deployments and multi-level scenarios. Microsoft is Platform Service is used in request to make extensive applications and solutions.

Data Management

The SQL Database, which was formerly notable since the SQL Azure Database, functions to scale and expand programs in the cloud by using SQL server creation.

Other Services


It helps in The hosting of sites. The Superhub customers create the websites in ASP.NET, PHP, Python or Node.js and you can also select from several open source applications out there in the gallery in petition to convey. This contains an element of Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings for the Azure.

Virtual Machines

The azure hong kong consist of Infrastructure as the support supplying from Microsoft into the public cloud. As the trailer, these machines supported the Windows Server 2008 and 2012 systems and vendors of Linux. The customers can also create the Virtual Machines, which they have control in petition to run the Information Centers.

Cloud Services

The cloud Computing services are the containers of the hosted software. The applications are usually public web applications, like internet based business solutions or sites. Developers compose code, mainly for the cloud providers in various programming languages. They can also be utilized in the personal processing engines for another work, such as processing orders or the assessing data. But some of the software development kits have been initiated by Microsoft for Java, Python and NET. Another languages support through the open source projects.

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