Building energy efficiency is key to a clean energy future

The fight for powering college campuses with the use of clean energy can be now made easier through some bold steps in order to improve the energy efficiency of campus buildings. Building energy efficiency in campus buildings can save up colleges’ finances and speed up the transition to clean energy in the future.

CLP SEC’s campus solutions have a good and guaranteed record of driving efficiency smoothly and also promoting the use of renewable energy. Therefore, these campuses are given some opportunities to carry on operating as normal but in a much more efficient way which is environment friendly as well as productive.

Solutions for saving energy

  1. Carbon audit- this is the energy saving solution that helps in reducing greenhouse gases by finding out the number of greenhouse gases that are released and by taking appropriate measures to reduce it.

  1. Panoramic power- this energy solution gives full visibility of your campus energy portfolio as well as the energy intelligence that you need to drive operational performance.
  2. Smart sensor automation – this energy solution adjusts the lighting and air conditioning to appropriate leaves, reducing energy usage while creating a comfortable environment.
  3. Building scope- this enables your facility management team to manage the health of your buildings proactively.
  4. Solar canvas- this system generates performance forecasts of future days and communicates green energy generation with the help of configurable options like mobile phones, number of flights, re-charges, etc.

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