Know about booking a Pet-Friendly Hotels

Booking a pet- or dog-friendly hotel is simple, whether you are travelling with children or just you and your pet. The most important thing you can do is call to confirm the availability of pet-friendly accommodations and then book ahead of time to ensure you receive one. Here are some more pointers to consider while deciding between pet friendly hotel Singapore and dog-friendly hotels.

Fees for research

Some places do not charge an additional cost for families travelling with pets, but many do. This is often a non-refundable cleaning cost, but it may also include pet-specific luxuries such as food, treats, and toys.

Be aware of limitations

Most pet friendly hotel Singapore has restrictions on the types of pets allowed and the size of the animals. Some embrace all dogs and cats, as well as birds, rabbits, and other small animals, while others only allow dogs.

Select a room on the ground floor

While not always ideal, staying in a ground-floor accommodation ensures that your dog’s activities will not irritate your fellow visitors. It may also make it easier to get outside for walks and potty breaks.

Be an excellent guest

Accidents happen, so make sure you are prepared to clean up after your pet. Some hotels provide puppy wee-wee pads, but you may need to bring your own. Do not allow your dog to track mud into the hotel, and immediately tell the front desk if your pet causes any damage to the room.

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