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Aluminium Profile Singapore: Everything That You Should Know

Every aluminum profile possesses its properties, characteristics, and purpose. If it is just a decorative element, its main aim would be to look nice and beautiful. Its uniform color, good surface quality, powder, anode, and decorative coating would be its main characteristics.If the aluminum profile singapore is set to possess, for instance, matt colorless anodic coating, it should be matt. This means that the haze ought to be perfectly homogenous when it is viewed at a predetermined angle from a given distance without the use of any visible bands or other surface discontinuities.

An aluminum profile, similar to an element bearing construction or other structure, needs special attention to its various mechanical features:

  • Ductility limit
  • Tough properties
  • Tensile strength
  • Reduction of area

Types of aluminum profiles 

The existing standards for aluminum profiles say, for instance, Russian GOST 8617-91 and GOST22233-2018, European EN 12020-2 and EN 755-9 are known to subdivide the range of various aluminum profiles into the following types:

  • The hollow profile

These standards are, by definition, hollow aluminum profiles that possess a cross-section coupled with at least a single closed cavity.

  • Solid profile

They do not have any closed cavities. Instead, they have one or more holes intended to manufacture various extrusions in the absence of cavities.

  • Profile with an open-end

It can have a solid profile and be like a hollow profile. All of the types are given different requirements for tolerating various geometrical dimensions.


To make sure that all of the features mentioned above are considered in the case of aluminium profile singapore, a person must apply a special aluminum alloy along with a chemical composition, special surface treatment technology, and special technology of its manufacturing.

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