Unique Wedding Favors to Match Your Color Scheme

When Arranging a wedding, many brides want everything to match. Many brides are very particular about everything fitting their color scheme, including their wedding favors and centerpieces. Here are a number of unique colored wedding favors to match your color scheme for your wedding.


Red is the color of love. It is among the most frequently colored favors requested by brides. Normally, hearts come to mind when you think of crimson coloured wedding favors, but there are numerous other unique favors also. These include; tubes of lip gloss, candles, fuzzy red decorative pens, and red nail polish to get a sassy new look. Just about any wedding guest could figure out something to do with these products.


Pink is the color of friendship. Popular, unique pink favors include candy conversation hearts or Enjoy hearts and fresh flowers. There are several shades of pink which you can buy fresh blossoms into use as your own favors. Just about everyone enjoys flowers and would have trouble saying no to some pleasant, fresh flower.


White is the Timeless wedding color, therefore, there are thousands of favors to match this color scheme. The toughest part is finding something which you feel is exceptional. Ostrich feathers or some other long white feather was an interesting white favor previously. They are unique in the fact that not many individuals have thought of this idea. Other white wedding favors have included; a decorative white box containing chocolates, cupcakes, personalized candies, dove shaped things like cookies or containers.

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Purple is The color of royalty, possibly the main reason why many brides choose it for their own weddings. A distinctive purple wedding favor is balloons. Most believe that balloons are just for kids, but they may be personalized with composing or items like confetti or other smaller items within the balloon. Using a metallic purple, you can prevent the child-like quality of the balloon also.


This is a New color being added to a lot of wedding planners singapore. Any sort of coloured favors you’d choose would be unique. Some unique favors could incorporate silver place card holders, dragees- a silver, edible decorative candy, wedding confetti, silver chain necklaces and candles.


Gold is also A new color that lots of brides have started to pick for their wedding color schemes. Gold reminds people of sunlight. Some exceptional favor ideas are balloons, confetti, gold wedding cakes and gold ore comprising gold sugar coated almonds.

Whatever you Choose for your wedding color scheme, there are loads of interesting favors available to coordinate with this. There’s not any limitation on what a wedding favor needs to be, so let your imagination run wild.