People travel all the time, and some travel more than others. Travel means luggage, and the more packages there are, the more difficulties in accounting for them while in transit. But luggage has limits, in weight that can be carried, and in volume which can be accommodated while traveling. Now a new revolutionary travel accessory looks like completely overturning all previous estimations. Called the “Pacum” Vacuum Sealed Bags, MasterSpace has created an absolute revolution in the art and science of how to pack shoes in a suitcase for travelling.


There are some practical steps to get done with any packing, even for long distance travelling, in seconds. Some main steps are:

  • Suitcase space must be sufficient to carry all the items needed.
  • Space for knick-knacks must be kept from the beginning.
  • It must be remembered that the needs of the individual traveler may be quite different than the family traveler.
  • There are travel restrictions for luggage also.
  • Both weight and space occupied have been given pre-set limits.
  • Then there are revolutionary devices like MasterSpace Pacum, which actually create more space.


The Pacum has some outstanding features, as below:

  • Pacum doubles luggage space in just 90 seconds.
  • Pacum can compress a vacuum bag harder, saving more than 50% more suitcase space.
  • Compression Pressures of up to 9.4Psi (Pounds per Square Inch) or 65Kpa (Metric Units) are developed by Pacum for this to take place.
  • So how to pack shoes in a suitcase? Simple, use a Pacum.

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