British national overseas passports

Anyone who was a British overseas territories citizen in connection with Hong Kong was able to easily register for British nationals. If they have no other nationality or citizenship on 30 June 1997 then they became British overseas citizens on 1st July 1997. British connections provide their clients support in order to renew their current, expired, or stolen passports in hongkong. You are required to make an appointment to begin this process with any of our British passport advisors. Also, our advisors can provide you face with face nationality consultation services regarding BNO qualification.

The process of British national overseas bno passport is as follows-

  1. You need to make an appointment.
  2. Then you have to meet our personal advisor- they will help you to complete your application and on basis of your application, they will be advised what all documents are required.
  3. Then your application will be prepared and submitted- as soon as we receive your all documents, we prepare them pre-check and at last, send your application directly to the united kingdom for processing.
  4. At last your passport is issued and is sent to you from HMPO- as soon as it is issued, it will be sent to your address and if you are not available at home, you Can anytime collect it from our office during our office hours.

You can use our online booking system in order to get the next available appointment with any one of our British passport experts.

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