Awesome story that impacted many Telugu audience

The main USP of Telugu cinema or Tollywood is their larger-than-life characters, and the actions shown in Telugu movies. The people who belong to Telangana for Andhra Pradesh love to watch Telugu movies, but the audience of the whole country becomes a huge fan of Telugu action movies. Because of the popularity, Telugu movies are gaining many high rated Bollywood directors started remaking Telugu action films like wanted, Tevar, Jai Ho and many more. The Action and drama shown in the Telugu movies have a significant impact on the viewers; also, the story in these movies shows the reality of life that influences the Telugu audience.

In recent times audience prefers to watch movies on the ott platform. Like other famous Aha is an OTT platform where you can watch movies online in the Telugu language. Telugu movies are gaining a lot of positive responses from their audience from the past few years because of their soulful music, gripping storylines, and skillful direction. Tollywood actor Telugu movie industry has the power to connect with its audience; that is why it’s storyline and Action have a powerful impact on their audience.

NGK is a political thriller movie where Action showcased inquiry and interest. The student revolves around a very well-educated man who left his corporate job to join an organic farm in his village. He is a very social person involved in providing social services, but he also had to face a lot of trouble. He also realized that politics is the big platform that helps to provide social service to the people effectively, so with this thought, he decided to join politics and finally became a CM of the state. The movie’s whole crux is how he became the CM and what obstacles came on his path.

The movie showcased reality and Action positively and impactfully; also, the lead character has an excellent screen presence because they can hold the audience till the climax. Apart from Action this movie also contains some humor, as in the scene where Surya helps the local MLA has been showcased in a very humorous way that adds more charm to the movie. Rakul Preet Singh also acted very well and gave her best to look good on screen.

For all the Telugu movie lovers, Aha is an excellent OTT platform where they can enjoy their favorite shows comfortably by sitting. You can watch your favorite movies online in Telugu and enjoy the story, humor, drama present in Telugu movies. Apart from a movie, you can also watch your favorite web series and TV shows on Aha. So if you are willing to watch Telugu movies online, you can subscribe to the Aha platform that streams various Telugu movies and shows and make your leisure time full of entertainment.

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